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Cassie's Top Tips Dry-side Tips Testimonials


I’ve had two amazing swim clinics now with Cassie Patten. The first was in the Best Center in Mallorca and the second in Enniskillen and Mullaghmore in Ireland. So this is a double testimonial. The fact that I not only signed up for a second clinic but actually went to the trouble to organize it with Cassie so our entire swim team could get her expert guidance really says it all.


The two clinics broadly followed the same program and covered open water, pool and dryland sessions each day.  The open water sessions focused on starts, sighting, drafting, turning buoys, pacing and eating cake. The cake was optional but I didn’t see anyone hang back! It was a genuinely comprehensive open water workshop. Enhanced through Cassie’s experience of training and racing for many years at the highest level and continued involvement in the sport as a mentor, coach and TV analyst. The pool sessions focused on technique creating a solid foundation for the stroke and building from there. It included video analysis, group open water drills and individually tailored technique drills for each participant from hand entry to recovery. You think you can switch off and hide for a few lengths but the eagle eyes of Coach Patten somehow catch you out. Once when her back was momentarily turned a stroke flaw was spotted by the sound of the hand entry, lazy swimmers watch out! Dryland covered racing tips, nutrition, injury prevention, warm ups, warm downs and dryland workouts. You take away the video analysis, drills, advice and know you have a lot of hard work to do to improve. More importantly you leave with a smile on your face and a passion for swimming. I can’t wait to get back in the water again and yes we’re already working out when we can get Coach Patten back again for another clinic


Best wishes and happy swimming

Sean Campbell

Team Lego and the Afterdrops



I have always enjoyed swimming but knew that my thrashing, clumsy stroke needed improvement.  Within 6 months Cassie has worked wonders.  Now I swim with a sense of purpose and a smoother stroke.  What’s more my self-confidence is growing - I have just completed a 10k river swim.  Cassie is the most inspirational, challenging and fun teacher.

Clare Jones (middle-aged mum and very happy swimmer!)



a tweet wasn't enough to express the huge thanks I wanted to give for your help and words of inspiration yesterday.

Whilst my husband Paul was swimming with Gordon Ramsey I was being coached by the True Star of the day! That's you!  I still haven't stopped smiling at ending the day with the swim round the lake :-))

and the icing on the cake was seeing Paul proudly waiting for me.

Thanks again for being such a fantastic and inspirational person.




"I approached cassie to see if she could help my daughter improve some of her swimming strokes.  We found the experience both enjoyable and incredibly positive.

I was particularly taken with cassie’s ability to explain the instruction in a way a child could appreciate and understand. The video analysis and feedback was exceptional. Since having the session, my daughter has watched this back several times and continues to apply the coaching to her swimming.

Cassie’s passion, knowledge, and dedication to the sport of swimming is remarkable. She has inspired my daughter to progress and we look forward to having another session"